What makes the perfect party?

Answer #1

I throw a lot of parties and i find its not how many people are there its how much fun everyone has. I also find having good food can really make a party.

Try having some games/activities planned encase things get boring , have good music that everyone will enjoy and have lots of great food.

Answer #2

alcohol, hot guys, music, and dancing

Answer #3

:)) thank you

Answer #4

thank you but i very much doubt ill have alcohol there. As for cute guys, that would be nice

Answer #5

-Music -People -Alcohol -Refreshments/food/snacks (punch, soda, cookies, brownies, chips, pizza, etc…) -Strobe lights -Games

Answer #6

Have a variety of stuff to do, ie- pool out back, couches for people to hang out on and talk, music playing everywhere, maybe a tv screen with movies/music videos playing or people playing computer games, preferably something people like to watch or can get involved in, like guitar hero, singstar or dance dance revolution.

Have plenty of food and drinks… it doesn’t have to be fancy food (chips, dip, candy/chocolate, cookies, pizza, party pies and pretzels will probably do it).

And make sure you work the party, make sure people are having a good time. If they aren’t, ask them what they would like to do and see if you can make it happen… it is very important to be a good host!

Or if it’s just a party with the girls you could play truth or dare, call boys, listen to cool music, play a fun board game, take funny pictures, make a snack together like a build your own ice cream sundae bar, or maybe a fun craft like tye dye shirts! I hope this helps!

Answer #7

Depends on what you like. I’d say good friends, good retro music, room for people to dance without having to hit each other, good light snacks like finger food. Or giving the party a theme like the 80’s style and play all these old games. A karaoke machine, trivia games, hide and seek (sounds childish but it’s actually very fun).

Answer #8

thank you SOOOOOO much:):):)

Answer #9

Great Music. Room To Dance.. Great Fun Foods..Fun Games Like Twister .Chips Dip Veggies Plenty Of Seats Cookies..Give It A Theme. Karaoke Machine..Choice Of Soda Water Punch

Answer #10

Strobe lights!!!!!!!

Answer #11

food, talkin with friends, laughing, weird conversatons……. also depends on how the people at the party are related to u. Friends, family, strangers : )

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