Perfect guys like dinosaurs!

Arent perfect guys like dinosaurs these days?? All they go after is physical guys really care about niceness and really buggs me.. In my whole schooll..I havent seen any guys like that..not like im boy crazyy .. Dating is against my religion till ure like 20..but.. Just wondering you know..the only nice guy/.like reallly my spanish teacherr..whos like 24!

Answer #1

ohh..really?? you guys are lucky you found nice oness.. but no..I dont mean “hot” by perfect..haha I would never go for looks either.. just thiking ahead for future..haha~~

Answer #2

I know how you feel, although not all guys are like that but the ones I’ve met and fell for only go for looks and the physical aspects of a relationship.

Answer #3

lol yea I know what you mean, most guys are pigs huh. but there is this one guy that I know and hes not like that. he dosent want to get in your pants like most guys. thats the kinda guy I like. :D

Answer #4

By perfect do you mean “HOT!”? In which case you are the same as them, ironic.

I’ve never gone on looks, I assume thats why I’m so happy :)

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