Perez Hilton love him Or hate him ??

Do you love him Or hate him ??

Answer #1

love, love LOVE him!

Answer #2

I”I admire his ability to make a dollar” I agree with that…he’s funny sometimes but not really…I grimace most of the time I see him on. but I think his gayness is really cute, he has very spunky hair,make, up, and sytle..I like that too :) and he’s lost a lot of weight recently, he looks so much healthier.

Answer #3


Answer #4

I admire his ability to make a dollar, but don’t agree with his methods, don’t find his airing of extremely personal information particularly palatable, and don’t agree with his stance on fair-use images. More than that, I don’t think he’s a very reliable news source, so when I do indulge in tabloid news, I go to wwtdd.

Answer #5

I think he’s lame.

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