Perez and will I am

Alright, I have to ask, does anyone else think that perez hilton is an idiot? I mean I agree with him that violence is not the answer, but he had it coming, he is soo rude and doesnt care what he says. hes such a drama queen and one of the most annoying people on this planet!

Answer #1

I love his website, because I think it is hilarious, but I have absolutely no respect for him. I can’t stand him. I rarely read it anymore though, because he is so freaking redic

Answer #2

He acts like he is sooo much better than everyone! He talks shi* but what goes around comes back around!

Answer #3

yea I totally agree with that, I know an idividual who is gay and he is one of the most calssiest guys I know. he says that he and his friends are ashamed to have someone like that even associated with them.

Answer #4

Perez, I think is fine, but he needs to tone it down

Answer #5

I don’t see how anyone can take the gay community seriously when they have clowns like this as their “leader”.

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