How would my height be accepted in america?

Hey there, Im 16 and from Singapore. Im 5 foot 6, which is pretty short for a male in my country but not so short that people in my country would look at me like Im some sort of monster. But I was just wondering how far I would be ridiculed for my size in an average American high school. Thanks

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You'd be surprised, leevan, a lot of Asians these days seem to be taller and a lot of Westerners seem to be shorter..

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Not in America, but I don't think your short. I had an ex that was shorter than you (5ft 4) and no=one ever said anything

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Um, no, but that's an extreme example.

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5'6" really isnt all that bad, im in my senior year at high school and most of my friends are in the middle 5's to the low 6's. I am 6'6" so I get people saying to me "Your really tall" but all I really do is shrug it off or give them a smart allic answer like "Hmm..I didn't notcie I was so tall".

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My b/f is around 5'6 & its not the bad im 5'4
so I wouldnt worry baout the hieght thing.

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