What percent does groupon take if you use them to advertise?

My wife is thinking about listing a service in our spa on this and I have been over their site, but this is not listed. I guess it is probably a lot. LOL

Answer #1

I’m not sure, I can’t find info on it anywhere, but I did find a lot of warnings…things like groupon costing 50% of a client’s gift certificate, or having a groupon client base that is set to spend very little, making you next to no profit…however, there seemed to be a better rate of success with business like spas, so maybe you’ll be ok. My general rule, though - if I do a search for something and the first page has mostly complaints, I steer clear.

Answer #2

Mine two, and at 50% you are usually operating at a huge loss. If the coupon is 50% off and then they take half, that would suck and cost you more than other types of ads. 50% to 60% is usually the operating cost, so if you sale 1000 groupons at 100 dollars, for a service that cost 200 dollars, the gross would be 100,000. Than they would take 50,000 dollars. That would put you at a negative $50,000 to $60,000. That does not really make sense.

Answer #3

I concur :)

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