can people get tired of havin s*x?

Answer #1

Of course.

Answer #2

Yes, happens quite a bit I think. Hormone changes can greatly effect that as well as emotional issues and many other things.

Answer #3

but y?? is it bcause dey loosing da love 4 da person or because dey bored already?

Answer #4

Yes, if sex becomes a chore then something needs to change, you have to spice it up. There is many ways to do this and tons of online articles. Try role play, or adventure, everyone has different fantasies, but be sure to talk and no take things outside each others comfort zone.

Answer #5

oh wow so is not good to have sex all the time..? right is just dat i have a friend nd she nd her boyfriend did it all the time nd now he is not da same he cheat on her onces, he dont pay attention to her like he useto.. nd more stuff

Answer #6

ooohh okay

Answer #7

dont boys hate wen dey got to do all ther job?

Answer #8

the job i mean

Answer #9

Yes, and for various reasons. Sometimes you lose interest in the person, sometimes (especially in women) hormonal reasons and medication can cause you to lose your sex drive, so can weight gain (linked to hormonal). There are tons of reasons why people can get tired of it.

Answer #10

I would say from reading statistics 80% of relationships have had one or both people in the relationship have had extra marital affairs, some are mutually agreed on others, not so much.

Answer #11

oh woow

Answer #12

Do guys hate it when they have to do all the work, in sex, is this what you mean. No I think some guys like all the control, others are more passive, but as a couple you have to do things that both enjoy. It can not be all for one part of the couple.

Answer #13

Yes, it can get old, people get tired, and sometimes it’s too much of a workout.

Answer #14

ohhh.. :)

Answer #15

Some people probably just get bored because it becomes sort of like a routine like the same thing everytime all the time, you just need to try new things when it starts to get old or switch it up somehow

Answer #16

well i believe so for the simple fact that if it is a daily routine, it can get tiring.. think of kids having to wash the dishes every day. after a while, it gets boring.

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