Can people have green blood?

i saw a news article where this man in Vancouver had green blood and i wondered is this possible?

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Unfortunatly no :(
It would be sooo much cooler though, like if we all had different colour blood ;)

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waiiiiiit..... I was wrong!!! you can have green blood... there is a condition called Sulfhemoglobinemia! It's caused by excess sulfhemoglobin in the blood.. lol

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Everyone has red blood, though that sounds cool. That different color blood idea.

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It would be very neat :)

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That would be so cool if our blood was all different colours lol.

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Interesting fact: Blood is actually blue until when we cut ourselves and it mixes with oxygen- that's what turns it red. Look at your veins, they are blue!

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It would be neat like if it came from your genes, so when your parents like swapped genes (idk what the medical name is :P ) for making you, the colours would mix, so you'd always get a different shade :)

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no thats a myth

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what does sulfhemoglobin do to the blood

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Your blood just looks blue through your skin because of the way the light diffuses. It really is red.

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^^ it is :)

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a form of hemoglobin found in the blood in trace amounts that contains an irreversibly bound sulfur molecule that prevents normal oxygen binding. Also spelled sulphaemoglobin.

taken from:

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yeah i know that but how does sulfhemoglobin change the blood into green blood

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but if oxygen cant bind doesnt that mean he should be dead

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deoxygenated blood is a different shade of red though :)

and the sulfhemoglobin basically stops your blood from being able to carry oxygen

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The condition generally resolves itself with erythrocyte (red blood cell) turnover, although blood transfusions can be necessary in extreme cases.

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Yepyep. Excessive Sulfhemoglobin "competes" with oxygen molecules, thus, decreasing the oxygen saturation in the blood, and makes the blood greenish.

As for the idea of having colored blood, i would like to have Blue blood. =)

and Blood isn't blue. Veins are blue, and the unoxygenated blood inside it are deep red (almost purplish). On the other hand, the arteries are red, and the blood within it is bright red.

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