Why do people make fun of me for wanting to be a Dentist?

Answer #1

Because they are immature. While your going to be doing what you like, they are gonna be sitting on the couch all day shoving food in their mouths. If they tease you for having a goal in life, they obviously have none themselves. Take it as a compliment. ;-)

Answer #2

each person has different views on things, some people who are immature see being a dentist or a doctor as a joke, these are the people who will be still working at red rooster at the age of 50

Answer #3

That is great!!! Time will come for you to shut them up when you are a dentist!!!

Answer #4

no its because they wouldnt go there for getting there teeth cleaned, they just want to see ur titts

Answer #5

I think it is very cool, and I hope everything works out for you. I know that dentistry is in demand, I see one every 6 months.

Answer #6

they wont be laughing when ur pulling in 100,000$+ a year ehhh? :P

Answer #7

Being a dentist is great! Awesome pay and very respected. People who laugh at you are probably going to be garbage-men.

Answer #8

Not sure, but I suspect that these ingrates will be your patients one day and while you are fixing their misaligned gangly teeth, you can laugh inside recalling how these guys used to make fun of you. Make sure they have decent dental insurance however before you take them on as patients. No free riders.

Answer #9

Haha! Yeah or rip out the wrong tooth and say “oops!”

Answer #10

I am seriously afraid of the dentist, I consider going there the worst days of my year, when I was little the didn’t numb me and started operating, dentists invented the electric chair, flouride is/was used for torture, my list goes on and on

Answer #11

Probably because it seems like a boring proffesion to them, everybody’s different i have to admit the idea of being a dentist gives me the heebie-jeebies but i ma scared of dentists, when i told my pals what i wanted to do my life (business) they all thought that it was boring

Answer #12

Its like if someone tells you “i want to be a plummer”(not trying to offend anyone) you would think its silly, but there are some people that take whatever they want to be serious, but other people dont get it.. I’m a girl, and i want to be a fire fighter/paramedic and some people think its silly because i’m tiny, but they dont get it.. Just dont let them get you down, because if thats your thing then keep your head up high, because later on THEY are going to be visiting you to get their teeth fixed :D

Answer #13

They are probably doing so because your job is much better than what they want to be. Don’t let their immaturity make you change your mind. Dentistry is a great career path that pays quite a lot of money. Nice Choice!

Answer #14

They laugh now because of Karma. That’s why you get to laugh as you are drilling in their mouth. :) Good luck.

Answer #15

ahahahahah…garbage-men…no offense

Answer #16

because your cute and making fun of you is a way to flirt

Answer #17

^ see above. people are stupid. they are making fun of you for wanting a good paying professional career. does this make sense? no. so dont listen to them….im guessing you are young. so idgnore them. work hard in school and best of luck with you future studies :]

Answer #18

people suck in general, most people are jealous of others who know what they want, and so they try to put that person down. Forgot them worry about yourself.

Answer #19

think of it this way when you become a dentist you can inflict pain on thoes who made fun of you for wanting to become a dentist because they will have to go to your office sometime….. :D never let go of your dreams…….

Answer #20

Im not sure. infact i just laughed at my friend the other day when she told me she wants to be a dentist. i dont know why its a first instict to laugh, maybe becasue mose people are afraid of the dentist. Dont worry, they wont be laughing when you start making bank!

Answer #21

they make fun of you mainly cause they dont know what to do with there own lives, u have a goal and you should go for it without the people that are making fun of you hold u back,

Answer #22

That’s awesome that you have something you really want to do! When i was your age, i really really wanted to be a fighter pilot and people made fun of me for it. I never got to become one (you apparently have to take physics and I am HORRIBLE at math). But anyways, people make fun of people like us who have dreams like that because either their jealous because they don’t have a plan for their life, or two because you will probably be making more money than them. People are petty like that.

Answer #23

remember theyre laughter when your making a quarter of a mil or more a year.

Answer #24

because they’re jealous that u know what u wanna do n they still dont have a clue

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