Why are people on formspring so cruel?

Answer #1

There are cruel people everywhere unfortunatly. Also, not every sight is as bad ass and cool as us, moderating the site and controlling people bad behavior. Thats why funadvice rocks way more than most sites…we try and make sure our members dont get bullied and theres always someone on to handle those situations.

Answer #2

im upset cuz sum1 called me a pushover cuz i kiss every1s a*s and im not guna lie i do alittle but its only because i was bullied so much in elemntary scool that im afraid of it happening again in high scool. then one persons like i bet u dont go on any dates but like y u gota say that?

Answer #3

because it anonymous so they feel they can talk as much crap as possible without any consequences. I admit im guilty of being mean on formspring..

Answer #4

There are a few reasons. For one, people do have the ability to post things anonymously. When people have this option, they feel free to say things they’d never dare to say to your face. Secondly, this happens mostly because it is not a closely monitored community. Unless you report the message, the chance of a moderator or administrator dealing with it is extremely close to 0. So if someone is being rude, report it. They can look into it.

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