Why do people follow each other?

Is it hard being yourself??

Answer #1

Even people who claim to be complete individuals draw inspiration from other people and things. Its natural to admire another person and want to be like them or similar to them.

Answer #2

I Agree People grow to have there own style from taking a page of inspiration from all sorts of ppl :)

Answer #3

Exactly what is ‘yourself’. The argument for individuality makes no sense. As if everything we think isnt some how influenced by others. We are raised to be social creatures. What we think is right and wrong comes from others, what we do, how we do it, all comes from other people. There’s no such thing as a truly original thought, someone’s either thought of it or done it before. We are unique in the way we combine stuff. But at the end of the day none of it is individually unique. So some people just combine in a way that is closer to other people. I dont see why that’s an issue.

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