why can't people fly???

Answer #1

take a plane :D

Answer #2

I mean on there own

Answer #3

bcuz God didt create us to fly. He gave us a brain and so we’ve used it to create technology and machines that now give us the ability to fly, in a plane. plus, we dont have wings, our bones are way to heavy, our bodies are just not built for flying.

Answer #4

Because there is no way we can move enough air to liftoff with our arms ;)

Answer #5

because we dont have wings and theres no other way of us getting support while in the air… unless of course its a man made machine with an engine

Answer #6

There was no biological advantage I suppose? Also, we’re way too big.

Answer #7

lol because we were born without wings

Answer #8

Because we don’t have wings.

Answer #9

dont bring god into this, its because we dont have any advantages of flying. and even if we did have wings, we wouldnt be able to use them. we would be to heavy. And our body design isnt fit for flying.

Answer #10

we don’t have wings/ body doesnt support flying. . .Not to mention there would be no tactical advantage to have us fly.

Answer #11

i want to fly either,,,lol you wont believe if i said that i was collecting feathers of birds wen i was young to fly.hahahahahhahaha.oh thats embarasing

Answer #12

I believe it I did the same thing :P

Answer #13

hey man ,now i believe my self.thanks

Answer #14

No problem :)

Answer #15

Yup becuse we don’t have wings like tom said take a plain((:

Answer #16

meant plane!

Answer #17

Nathan and Peter on Heroes can fly!

Answer #18

lol its called gravity ;p

Answer #19

But we can Fall with style, Just like Buzz Lightyear,

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