How did people actually get different color skin?

I don't understand how some people have black/brown skin, and some have white/peach, and some have yellow/tan. How did it happen?

Some people have said a long, long time ago, when people were working in the turned their skin brown/burnt it. But, I don't believe that, because that doesn't make sense. If someone gets a tan, their child isn't automatically born tanned as well. :l

I did it all did the first black/white/tan etc.. person come about...?

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If someone works in the sun for a while, of course they will get a tan, but that sure is hell doesn't mean their future children will have the same color they get when they were tanned. I truly believe that the child gets a certain skin color depending on what color the parents are. Say if the father was pretty dark Black, but the mother was White, the child may come out with Golden like skin.

I think it's all apart of the genetics that are given to the child from both mom and dad.

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the features of various people result from different combination's of previously existing genes, plus some small changes, resulting from mutation (accidental changes that can be inherited). the originally created (genetic) information has been either reshuffled or changed. but i mean, that sun thing could be true too..! =)

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Well, I know that. That isn't exactly what I'm asking though. I mean how did it all start....

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The theory is that all humans as monkeys originated in africa and had ended up migrating to all sorts of wacky places where they ended up adapting and evolved into people today. The skin tone and color depends on the availability of sunlight, temperature and climate while also factoring in genetics which can factor in skin tone totally sorry im not up on my evolution & genetics

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Past ancestors, it doesn't just start at the child's parents, it goes way back to the start of the family. Some people hide their family history, but if you think about it, you KNOW everyone has a long line of ancient history about their families, the genes from past family members was and always is passed on from them to the soon to be new parents.

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Okay, that makes sense. Thanks! :)

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I guess this can stem back to adaptation through natural selection. Certain skin tones are more suitable for survival, whichever seems to be best fit is passed down. This also means that the gene for that particular skin tone has to already have existed before hand.

I might be wrong about this, and I'm leaning towards me being wrong. Genes are either spontaneously made or they are made through the progression and effects of our natural environment, in which case, the sun thing might as well be true.

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I suck at this subject.

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Sigh. Theory is humans and apes have a common ancestor. Not that humans came from monkeys.

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Thank you for correcting me Ty, sorry i told you guys i wasn't totally up on my evolution

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Darker skin tones are due to the presence of more "melanin" in the skin. Melanin is dark in color (black or brown), and is a natural UV-screen (like sunscreen). It blocks up to 99.9% of the sun's harmful UV rays.

Human races which developed nearer the equator (meaning, they experienced more harmful UV rays from the sun) eventually adapted to produce more melanin in their bodies; hence they became dark (black or brown).

The further a person lives from the equator, the less need for the natural sunscreen called melanin. So, over a very long period of time, those people lost much of the melanin.

Generally speaking, those whose ancestors lived near the equator have skin tones which are very dark brown or black, in response to the extreme sunlight. Those whose ancestors lived far from the equator (Norway, Sweden, etc.) are very light-skinned, and those who lived in temperate climates (Native Americans, Middle Eastern, etc.) are somewhere in between.

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You and wrbriggs together are the perfect response.

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