What does its mean when people say "bite me"?

Answer #1

It’s just another way of telling someone “screw you” and stuff of that kind, also as if you where telling someone “do something”.

Answer #2

It’s the more sarcastic, rude way of saying “get lost”. It’s generally said out of anger, or when someone is annoyed.

Answer #3

Where i come from, it’s kind of just like a dis to say “leave me alone” kind of thing depends on the context, they could simply be telling you to literally bite them..

Answer #4

can either be used in a joking manner, or a slightly more polite way of saying “fuc* off”. here are some takes on the phrase at; http://funadvice.com/r/14oje4065mo

Answer #5

it means they are either made at you or bein a bleep face… lol =-)

Answer #6

It means bite my a55

Answer #7

it means get lost but if its someone i know really well, then i bite em! :) hahaha

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