Does anyone know When a Peny farthing bicycles was invented, and why its called that?

Answer #1

The first bicycles were called hobby horses which had no pedals, riders would just use their feet on the ground to propel themselves then coast until they needed another push.

The next bicycles had pedals attached to the front wheel. Larger front wheels came from the need for higher gears. With the pedals directly attached to the wheel increasing the size of the wheel was the only way to get higher gears. Front wheels got as large as they could be and still be straddled by a rider. The first bicycle of this type was made in 1869. Since the bicycles had a large front wheel and small rear they became known as penny farthings after the coins. You see, at the time the penny was a large coin and the farthing a small one so the wheels reminded people of a penny next to a farthing.

Answer #2

thanks but i asked when it was made and why iit called

Answer #3

And he answered both of those questions. Quite eloquently.

Answer #4 didnt read it all

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