what should i do ,other than pens in vagina , if i were to have sex??? (what i should let her do and i do to her)

Answer #1

You could use a vibrator on her??? and touch her all over?? And she could J-off for you or a blow job???? hope i helped?? -K- :)

Answer #2

what do you mean exactly? other orifices you can have sex with? i dont know, maybe try oral sex, or anal sex even. she would probably also like some forplay

Answer #3

touch her everywhere, kiss her all over her body, make her feel really special. she could give you a handjob or a blowjob or both. finger her maybe?

Answer #4

Things you could do:

Have her jack you off or you finger her. Have her give you a blowjob or you eat her out. Kissing down her legs, and all over her neck. Makeout or play tounge games. Try anal sex.


Just have sex with her.

Answer #5

Ok this will help u out a lot. Ok take one hand and spread her v lips’ with your tounge rub her clit, as she begins to produce her liquids slowly slide a finger or two into her, ( as if motioning her to come to you) feel for a rough spongy like spot on her top inside wall rub it continously with steady motion, while still licking her clit, switch the licking up to sucking it inside ur mouth and while holding it like that use ur tounge to lick it while still using ur fingers inside her like mentioned before. Now for what she can do for you well you have to discuss what she is comfortable with but do what I said for her and she will love it and want it more often! :) promise!

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