What will happen if you swallow a penny?

Do you know what will happen if you swallow a penny?

Answer #1

yea.. dirt is dangerous too!

Answer #2

itll come out the other end lol x

Answer #3

You will eventually poop it out. It will not harm you. If however you are constantly swallowing things, you have a problem and need to see a professional for counseling.

Answer #4

You’ll make a deposit.

Answer #5

Superfly, what is that supposed to mean? Because I dont get it.

Answer #6

You will see it again.

Answer #7

When you swallow a penny it will go to your place where you poop and pee. Then when you go to the washroom And take the number 2 . Then out comes the penny and take it and get super lucky..!

lick it too!

Answer #8

Look for it in the wishing well where other wishes have been dropped.

Answer #9

Don’t pennies, dimes, and all that have lead in them? I guess it really depends on how much you swallow. If you accidentally swallowed one, then everything is fine, if you didn’t choke. But if you keep eating them, then there is a huge risk, for someone to sucumb to lead poisoning. I’ve seen it about 4 other times, I’m a CNA.

Answer #10

If you didn’t choke, theres no danger but it will come out ‘the other end’ probably..

Answer #11

howareyoutoday, from watching Barney Fife on Andy Griffeth a thousand times, the dangly thing is called a ubila. LOL I love the way you put it, dangly thing that’s cute!

I have a ubila you have a ubila Andy Floyd has a ubila, I am not sick! EVERYONE HAS A UBILA ANDY! ISN”T IT WONDERFUL!!!???!!!???

That’s Barney’s quote. NOt sure if it’s exactly like that though…

Answer #12


Answer #13

it’s called a uvula smart people. Americans?

Answer #14


Answer #15

I don,t know dick biches

Answer #16

It will be withdrawaled from the national bank, but it will be darker. Pick it up if it’s on heads…You wanna be lucky right???

Answer #17

I swallowed a 5p once an my mum tried hanging me upside down,then alk me next door which was long because our driveway was long,n then they waited for me to poop:) and then it came out lol:)

Answer #18

If you didn’t choke on it, the danger has passed. Now you just have to wait for the penny to pass…

(My sister did this when she was about 3 and my mother watched her on the toilet every time she went until she was sure it had come out… who’d be a mother? All I can say is that my sister was fine:) )

Answer #19

well there are 3 things. 1)you will choke on it because it is stuck in your throat
2)you will throwup because of it touched that dangling thing in your mouth(forgot what it is called)
3)you will, like everyone said, have it come out the other end in a while ewww lol…

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