How do you measure a penis?

How do you measure your penis?

Answer #1

When i measured my bf i got a tape measure and put it at the base of the penis and then measured up towards the head. i used inches.

Answer #2

and ..?? how many inches you found?? lol

Answer #3

I’m right at 6 inches, u?

Answer #4

And the result is????

Answer #5

They suggest starting at the base of the penis, but most men tend to cheat a bit by pushing the ruler slightly into their abdomen to squeeze in a half of an inch or so.

Unless there is a meaningful reason for measuring your junk, feel free to cheat as much as you want and brag about it. Nobody cares too much.

If you want to look bigger, shave your pubes and stand sideways in a mirror–looking straight down at your member is a less flattering angle.

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