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Is anyone else peeved that the US are creating their own version of Skins that follows identical story lines instead of just watching the original British one?

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I've been in LOVE with the tv show Skins since it started. I've seen every episode and can't wait for the next series. But apparently the British version isn't good enough for the US so they've completely remade it using different actors, changing some of the names, changing the Maxxie into a lesbian, making Cassie black - small changes like this - yet keeping exactly the same story lines and even chunks of the same dialogue - like when Sid and Cassie are on the trampoline and she's like "you'll have to be quick..." EXACTLY THE SAME. Now people in the US that haven't heard of British Skins will give the US version all the credit (like what happened with The Office) and it's not fair!! As you can see, I'm not a happy bunny. Who's with mee?