Peer pressure to be skinny

do you think there would be more peer pressure in an all girls school to be skinny or in a mixed school? because I go to a girls school and loads of girls have eating disorders. but I don’t know what it’s like in a mixed school.

Answer #1

hiya darling I go to a mixed school and there are still some people with eating disorders but its not bad really!! I no about 3 people with eatting disorders in my hole school but thats only people I no about!! :D

Answer #2

Not as bad. not at all, at least at my school. All I have to say is, please don’t be stupid and fall into the peer presure to be skinny. I don’t consider myself skinny but I don’t consider myself fat. Just be happy the way you are. If you feel you need to lose a few pounds than work out. Don’t NOT EAT and don’t THROW UP AFTER EVERY MEAL. That’s just stupid.


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