How to get rid of peeling skin?

How to get rid of peeling skin

Answer #1

This may sound wierd but Put FRESH yougurt on your skin. It will help the skin to heal and stay moistuirzed. (if your skin has moisture It won’t dry out as much causing the peeling skin)

I have done this several times on my face, neck and back … And I love it!

Answer #2

is it sun burned peeling skin?

Answer #3

Exfoliate with a loofah and then follow with a moisturizer.

Answer #4

Moisturise 3times a day =] at least 2 and it shouldnt be too long before its gone

Answer #5

I just got done peeling from sun burn. I put Aloe Vera on a lot and it seemed to help.

Answer #6

my skin is peeling so I did some experiments on how to get rid of my peeling skin. when skin is peeling, lots of moisture are needed. first I washed my face with a facial scrub (make sure that your facial scrub doesnt make your skin dry) next, I damped dry my face, then I made a mixture of oats, sugar and a moisturizer. (oats exfoliates and has natural moisturizer in it as well as the sugar) here’s how: 1 table spoon of oats 3 table spoon of warm water 1/4 teaspoon of sugar 1/8 teaspoon of moisturizer

mix it well then use a soft face towel to scrub your face. gently scrub your face on a circular motion especially on the most part needed. leave it to dry in a couple of minutes then rinse it off. when rinsed, damp your face then apply petroleum jelly.

after this process when petroleum jelly is rinsed your skin will be very soft and the peeling skin will be reduced.

hope this helps, =)

Answer #7

first shower with a good cleansing soap. then what I do is put aloe(for sever dry skin) on every time my skin feels dry and after I come in from outside. sometimes when it is really hot I put sunblock on but a light or good smelling kind to prevent it from happening again. and drink lots of water.

Answer #8

my legs started peeling really badly and then now its looks like I have little scabs/cuts all over my legs. What should I do please help its driving me nuts.

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