Peeing in the shower!

Alright. This takes guts to ask. Does anyone pee in the shower??? I do! And on signfeld george does too. So I just want to know. Does anyone else do it? Please! Say yes!

Answer #1

lol…when I was a little kid, I did it all the time! ha ha ha… that’s embarrassing.

anyways… I just wanted to say that I totally saw that episode of seinfeld. HILARIOUS!!!

Answer #2

Most do, at least guys. (Don’t admit to this to your girlfriends. They will freak out.) It will not cause any disease. Pee is free of most germs because it comes from the kidneys, and they filter out germs.

Answer #3

I admit sometimes I do I try to go before I shower but when I am waking up late at night before I go to work…

Answer #4

I don’t, but I know guys and guys who do. I don’t think it’s all that uncommon. But unless you wash your shower after every use, it really is kind of unsanitary.

Answer #5

Why do you want to know??? Seriously?

Answer #6

ummm no that is sick.other people mget in da shower!!!

Answer #7

I’m pretty sure that can cause foot fungus…

Answer #8

Yes I’ve done it before but not all the time because I pee before I get in the shower but when I hear water it comes out again LOL.

Answer #9

ha ha ha, oh, come on editor, you know you do it too!!
lol just kidding

Answer #10

Well if your in the middle of a shower, why would you go to a toilet to pee?

So yes, I pee in the shower. Sometimes.

My ex (who was my girlfriend at the time) caught me red handed. Eeek! Door handle lock was broken, I was facing away from the door and she came to shower with me (which was nice of her) and BLAMO! “Oh uh… I wasn’t peeing, it’s just yellow because, um, err… dammit!”

Answer #11

My boyfriend does! haha

Answer #12

I pee in the shower usually when the hot water hits me I go and aim for the drain.I think mit feels good to be totally free of clothes and just pee not like in mens room where you have to go to a dirty urnial unzip pants and pull down undies and flop it out.Of course my peeing in the shower is only done at home.

Answer #13

I do. :D I aim for the drain.

You waste a gallon of water flushing the toilet, but you probably waste as much (if not more) showering, so hey, I don’t see much of a difference… At least, when you’re in the shower, you’re using all that water for what it’s worth.

Answer #14

im a girl:) & I do it just goes down the drain then you clean your self off

badd to pee in a bath though eww!

Answer #15

I’m a girl and I do. Lol.

Answer #16

I pee in the shower all the time when you got to go you got to go. It is a guy thing plus just plane fun

Answer #17

Hmmm that sounds pretty strange to me since urine applied to an area with a fungus infection is an alternative method of clearing it up. I’ve also had multiple UTIs over the years and I can pretty much tell you as a medical expert that your urine has to be VERY clean otherwise your bladder would be infected all the time.

Answer #18

I pee in the shower if I have to go, I mean, what is the point of getting out to use the toilet if you are already totally wet and in a place with running water and a drain?

I totally agree though with the people saying you shouldn’t pee in a bath.

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