Is peeing once or twice a day normal?

I usually only pee once or twice a day. Is that normal?

Answer #1

Sounds like you need to drink more water. However, I’m not a doctor, and if you’re really concerned, talk to your physician.

Answer #2

i don’t consider this as normal but each individual has his/her own physiological properties. One clear example is that people who work at construction site will have that kind of pee frequency for the toxins are released through sweating.

Your pee is controlled by a marvelous system called homeostasis. You can read more about homeostasis on the internet but i would suggest that you drink a minimal of 1.5L of clean water, (not carbonated drink) and see what happens next. If your pee increases then congratulations, your body especially your kidneys are still working properly. If not you should really start taking good care of your kidney.

Make it a habit by drinking a minimal of 1.5L of water everyday. This should help.

Answer #3

It is not normal to pee once or twice a day, by peeing you get rid of toxins in the body and regulate your body temperature. If you are not peeing enough you might be ill or you might get ill because you are not getting rid of the bad stuff. I advise you to see a doctor and if he gives you the thumbs up it might just mean you are special :)

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