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im dating this guy and well im pretty head over heels for him except for the fact that he does not like PDA. well neither do I but, what I mean is that he won’t hold my hand or even give me a peck on the cheek while in public because he says it makes him feel weird. is that the honest truth because im seriously considering just leaving him for this stupid reason. I dont know about anyone else but I long to be held and to know that im cared about and if a guy im dating refuses to hold my hand in public its like okay goodbye time to find someone who cares. why do guys act like this? I dont get it at all! I really like this guy but if he cant do this one simple thing im going to have to say goodbye to him, and I really dont want to have to do that. what should I do?

Answer #1

I think that that is a sign that the guy doesnt want to appear like he’s already attached to you… we will never ever know, but if the guy considers you as the only one for him, he would please you even at the simpliest request of you holdingyour hands… I’d suggest you to talk to him, and sort things out.. Have him understand how it feels not to be given a simple gesture or sign of care showing that “hey, she’s my girl, and I am her only man…” something to that effect… If doesnt seem to work, tell him you how you feel, and all’s gonna start from there…

Answer #2

Well, there could be two things going on here that I can think of:

  1. The guy honestly doesn’t like to show affection in public because he thinks it’s rude when others do it and is simply “old fashioned”. Which, hun, isn’t a bad thing. (I’m a guy and I used to be “old fashioned” because I respected others) Having said that, it is a little ridiculous that he wont even hold your hand…

  2. The other thing that could be happening here is that he’s really not that proud to be dating you. I mean, I have no idea who you are or what you look like but sometimes this can be the case. There’s a possible chance of him only being interested in a part of you. He might not be proud to be with you, therefore, he doesn’t want to display that you two are dating.

I can’t exactly tell you WHAT to do about it, but I think I might have figured out WHY this is happening. Good luck with everything. :)

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