PCOS, anyone have it?

So, I just found out a couple of days ago that I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Anyone else have it, or know someone who does?

Answer #1

I do? but I havent really had the best reaction to medication they’ve tried…

Answer #2

I have it. I wish I didn’t. There are websites and books about pcos. I recently joined a support group on meetup.com. I plan to try a healthy carb (not low carb) diet and exercise because just a 10% weight loss can improve ovulation and resume periods. I just bought a book offline but I cant remember the exact title and I left it at work so I will have to get back to you. Another book to check out is “The Insulin Resistance Diet “ which is not a book about PCOS but many people with pcos have insulin resistance.

Answer #3

Enlarged ovaries with (sometimes multiple) cysts on them

That can be a painful thing to go through, and your doctor might put you on birth control or send you for surgery to have the cysts removed

Your doctor will probably want to keep a close eye on you, since cysts have a tendency of rupturing which will cause incredilbe pain, and the possibility of infection

Answer #4

Thanks =) I am looking to find other people with the same condition to network, figure out what works, etc.

Answer #5

Yeah, I have it. It is one of those conditions that seems to affect different people to varying degrees. Can I ask what tests you had done? Did you have the hormone test, and the ultra sound or one or other? Also what treatments are they trying? For me they have put me on a high dose contraceptive pill to stop formation of further cysts. I have heard though of the use of a diabeties drug to help severe suffers in some countries. Not approved here in NZ though. I have had some success with the lessening of symptoms through a low GI diet. I managed to loose some weight this way. Hopefully this can help reverse some of the damage caused by a doctor not listening to me for 10 years.

Answer #6

I have PCOS, and have had it for 11 years

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