What are good pc specs?

can anyone post a good Pc specs...I want a high end computer with good graphics system..

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^^^ That's pretty high end. Its pretty cool looking to. But, the price tag might not suit you, and you might want a desktop rather than a laptop. So, without knowing exactly what you want it for I guess there are a few general guideline you can follow.

- Processor/CPU: Dual Core, either AMD (any) or Intel (Core2Duo, not CoreDuo). Any of those will be 64-bit compatible, which is a must. Also, I'd recommend no less than 2.0GHz (its dual core, so thats the equivalent of a 4GHz single-core).

- Ram: 2Gb will be perfectly good for starters, 4Gb would be better but you may not have any need for that amount just yet.

- Hard Drive: I'd suggest no less than 160Gb, more is good (and it depends on what you'll use it for). Also, make sure the Hard Drive is SATA II, otherwise the computer's performance will be slower. Similarly, try and get one with a 7200RPM drive instead of 5400RPM or slower if possible.

- Optical Drive: Must be a DVD-RW drive. Doesn't necessarily need to be capable of HD-DVD or Blu-ray disks just yet, as that capability adds to the pricetag quite a bit. You can always add one of those drives later on when the price is cheap anyway.

- Graphics card: No less than 256Mb. 512Mb or more if you can. Also, make sure it has a DVI connection if its a Desktop, and try and get one with S-Video also.

- Sound Card: Almost all sound cards these days will be more than adequate.

That's pretty much the basics - they will apply to Macs as well as PC's in general also. If you choose a laptop, thats pretty much it. If you choose a desktop, then there's the screen, keyboard & mouse to think about also. An optical mouse is a must, and a Flat Screen monitor of no less than 17" (with DVI connector) would be recommended. If you're going to be doing a lot of video, then make sure it has a firewire port also. Oh, and if you are getting a PC with Windows Vista, make sure it has Vista Home Premium, NOT Vista Home Basic.

Hope that's of use - feel free to ask more questions!

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High end. . . . this is high end.

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