How much would you pay for a wedding photographer?

I’ve done a few weddings (for free), and worked at a photography studio for years doing portraits. I’m thinking of photography as a side job. How much do you think I should charge to do a wedding?

Answer #1

Good photographers cost around $1,000 so, since you’re just starting it as a side job maybe go $500-$650 since not many people would know your work, you’d get more business since others are so expensive and your name would be more widely known after a while. Depending on how your side job turns out you can either raise or lower the prices after a while, I mean you can go more than what I said but if I were you I wouldn’t because people would go with the more expensive photographer knowing their work is good if its only like $100-$200 more since its such a memorable day. I hope everything turns out good for you!

Answer #2

This is about what i was thinking, just wanted another opinion. Thank you!

Answer #3

Might not be a bad idea to call around town and get some quotes. That way you know what the going rate is.

Answer #4

it is usually common for it t be $1,000 or more depending on how many pictures/video you want, how many photographers, angles, etc.

Answer #5

If we talk about wedding photography then generally we requires aquality photos and videos payment doesn’t matter in this case.Wedding Photography is one of the my memorable moment of the life,so i will suggest you to choose best photography studio. Lots of wedding photography company is in uk like

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