how to pay off bad credit?

like what are the steps ? where do i go ?

Answer #1

You dont “pay off” bad credit. You first have to pay the bills that havent been paid and are late, and then you slowly have to build your credit back up by making payments on time and not missing any. It takes no time to ruin your credit…and years to build it back up. Thats why its important to stay on top of your payments.

Answer #2

Pay all your overdue bills and anything you have in collections, then don’t get behind on anything else. The only way to combat “bad credit” is to build “good credit” by paying all your bills in full and on time.

Answer #3

It can be complicated. If you are too far in debt to recover than you may need to determine which debts are the most important to pay off and renege on the others. Sometimes you are worse off making occasional or partial payments of debts because it can delay when that debt will be discharged.

If your situation isn’t this dire than the general approach is usually to pay off the highest interest debts first though some argue that paying off the smallest debts first is the best approach.

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