Where is the best Pasta place to dine in?

Answer #1

Thats hard to say considering every town has different resturants. My favorites that are more widely known are DeAngelos and Olive Garden.

Answer #2

Mmm Olive Garden most definetely is gooooddd:)

Answer #3

If you ever go to St. Augustine, Florida…Go to a place called Pizzalleys. Best Pasta I’ve Ever Eaten.

Answer #4

Olive Garden is awesome!

Answer #5

Boston pizza and east side marios has good pasta

Answer #6

I really New York Pizza Company in St. Augustine, FL. Their website is http://funadvice.com/r/154to05jlp7

Answer #7

If you live in Florida, then I recommend Pizzalleys to you because it is very famous and best pizza and pasta place. When I go Florida, then I have eaten.

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