How do i get my boyfriend's passwords?

I need to get in to my boyfriend a social site or yahoo e-mail I think he's talking to my cousin can someone help!!!

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download mozilla firefox on his computer and hope he saves his password when it asks him..when he's not looking or not on you can go to "tools" "options" "security" "show passwords" and it will tell you any website he saved passwords on and what they are.

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The way I see it you should dump your BF if you don't trust him.

If he is cheating on you, he doesn't deserve you.

If you are wrongly accusing him you don't deserve him.

Either way, problem solved.

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If you're ready for a relationship, then you're going to have to be mature about it. If you think your boyfriend is cheating, approach him like an adult. Don't try to snoop on his myspace. That's just silly and immature.

If he denies it, but you do not believe him, then just leave. If you can't trust him, then it can't be a very good relationship to begin with.

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yahoo is easy only, be ready to lose your boyfriend lol. because I dont know how to without him knowing. But yahoo you can just reset the password, but follow through because yahoo sends an email to the non-yahoo email address that he sign up yahoo for confirming that the password has been changed. I guess you would need that password and email address too. for example, he may have an aol account that he to sign up with yahoo. If the password is reset then yahoo would send a confirmation email to the aol account. But its been awhile since i've opened an yahoo account, you may not have to have a second email address anymore.

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I cannot tell you how to get his password other than ask him while he is asleep. It might work, ya never know until you try it. Talk softly so as not to wake him.

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Seriously you guys, I am in the same situation, this is not about maturing or trust because sometimes you really like a guy and you know he is cheating on you but you dont have proff enough to convincer yourself so you stay with him and you actually need to see it so that you can actually move on... I think she's right.

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Dont sneak around tryinq too have other people help you get his stuff , just ask him for it , and if he trys too pull that "youu dont trust me line . We have a problem , juss ask him , can youu have it . Andd if he says noo . Then demand it or tell him he will loose youu trust . Tell him there shouldnt be any secrets between you two soo he should give it too youu without any arguments andd refusion .

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You can try this website, where I found a very nice trick.
I hope it works for you.

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Started a few years ago. I thought we were happy. We were your usual suburban professional couple. Financially secure, healthy, good sex life, two kids (14f and 9m at the time). I thought we had a healthy social life.

We were going through one of your typical married couple rough patches. Both of us were working long hours, not spending enough time together, we were going through some developmental problems with my son and tensions in the house were running a little high.

I noticed that she was spending a lot more time on her phone texting with her "girlfriends". I didn't think much of it. I started making a much more concerted effort to get out of work when I could, help around the house and be more emotionally available, but over the course of a few weeks the gulf just kept getting wider.

The next day after I took the day off to knock out some projects that I thought would make her happy, and left her some sweet notes reminding her how much I appreciated her she was once again in the corner of the living room "texting her girlfriends".

I decided to embark on finding out what was going on and i was reffered to by my old friend to a white hat who literally made me end the whole union but made me move on with my life!

I obtained the results from the hacker and all of my flaws, insecurities and secrets I entrusted to my partner were now fodder for her and JBC(her affair partner). Not only that, but while there wasn't outright sexting there was a sexual

I took off the next day and spent some time soul searching, drinking and trying to figure out what to do. The wife came home and wanted to know what was wrong and I just coped out and told her I had a bad day. A couple minutes later I was watching the iPad as the train wreck kept unfolding.

So began a couple solid weeks of receiving screenshots and results, drinking and detaching myself from the relationship. I knew there was no going back from this.

I consulted a lawyer and got my options, and started moving forward. If my life story seems similar to yours i advice you take actions and contact her for a positive life changing experience:


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