How can I pass a UA that is in less than 24 hours?

I really need to pass a ua within like under 24 hours. I live in a small town so there is no way to buy a drink or pills. Is there anything I can do?

Answer #1

If you drink enough water, cranberry juice, anything that will make you pee (avoid beer and soda, to much sugars and they dehydrate you) then it will come up diluted and then they will most likely retest you…

So try and be clean then. Oh also take B vitamins like two a day with a meal.

Take one before your test and it will turn your pee yellow so they might not say anything about it being diluted!

Good Luck

Answer #2

Sorry.. no real help for that time frame. It depends on what drug is in your system as well. A UA tests for marijuana.. and junkies. Most hardcore drugs will leave your urine within 48 hours. Marijuana takes six months for heavier smokers. Crack cocaine takes a few days. So if you are a serious crackhead and you stopped smoking yesterday.. you might pass. If you took a hit of marijuana a week ago then you will probably fail. Life is so cool, huh?

So the moral of this story is: find a GNC and buy the drink to fool the test against marijuana, or smoke crack and make sure to clean up for a few days.

Answer #3

u need at least 48 hours to rid your body of any traces if you could get a retest that would be gr8 for you will have more time :P

Answer #4

the guy who said lsd leaves your system in a day is full of crap…they can tell 30 years later if you have done acid but only by testing your spinal fluid

Answer #5

I wouldn’t recommend using anything to try and “flush out” your system, these have often proved to show adverse effects and even fatal. There aren’t long-term statistics readily available on these “quick fixes” either. Chronic use of drugs will stay in your system, generally speaking, for a longer period compared to that of a single-use of a drug. Certain drugs such as LSD in a single-use form can leave your system in as little as 24 hours, this holds true with some prescription drugs as well, it just depends on the method the medication is metabolized, overall health, and frequency of use. There’s also a growing trend for labs and private companies who produce UA and other drug testing kits to expand detection beyond the “basics” of pot and blow–club drugs and others are being tested more frequently as its use has increased. -S

Answer #6

O.K. to put all this craqp to rest…THIS WORKS!!! I’ve done it twice myself, and originally heard about it from a nurse who smokes weed who works at a hospital that randomly tests…anyway here’s the deal, it’s simple really.

1: go to the grocery store and buy I package of unflavored and uncolored gelatin AND a multi-vitamin with B vitamins ( any multi will do)

2: pour the gelatin contents into two sports bottle of water,

3 drink the gelatin water and take the vitamins

4 MOST IMPORTANT PART — pee before you take the test at home (couple times would be better and after 2 sports bottle of water it wont be a problem) this way the drug pee is flushed and the new clean pee is all thats left

this works because the gelatin mimics protiens in natural pee, and the vitamins give it a natural undiluted color.

p.s. this really does work

p.p.s free the weed

Answer #7

The other awnsers are to complicated for someone who has 24 hours. If you really want to pass take a risk. Take a eye drop bottle and fill it with bleach, tape the filled bottle to your leg or boxers, and wheather you have someone observing the U.A the will not know the better. Drop a few drops of bleach in the cup, then pee over the bleach, but do not use too much or the smell will be overwhelming. Bleach is an oxidizing agent that will starilize anything in contact, not bullshit, I passed my drug tests for probation this way, you just have to be smooth. P.S. After you start peeing into the cup make sure you dont start and stop and start again otherwize it will do you bad.

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