Pass home drug test

How do you pass a home drug test for cocaine with a home remedy?

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my aunt passed by stayin up all night and drinking herbal tea I think any kind is good just as long as you pots and pots of it and looots of water it flushes it outa your system good luck

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Dear jade369,
If there was a way everyone would be passing them...but they don't why do you think that is? There is no way to cheat the test and in fact they are now even more sensitive and will pick up the cheats.
Sue...good luck

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you stop doing drugs. that's how you pass. there is no real home remedy, they're all myths. if anyone tells you otherwise they're full of crap.

what is a home remedie to take to pass a urine drug test?
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stick to your sobriety

What home remedies will help me pass a drug test?

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Dont use cocaine in the first place. Pretty simple really.


Will Niacin help to pass a urinary drug test?
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if you put it in your system less than three days ago... you are screwed.

how does someone pass a drug test from walmart?

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