How to through am amazing party?

How to through am amazing party? basicly I just want to know how to through am awsome party where everyone has a great time and remebers it for ages …!!!

thanks for the help xx

Answer #1

No parents would be great. lol

-First off, buy a crapload of food. I mean pizza, chips, punch, soda, candy, chocolate etc. -Clean the house…no one likes to party in a dirty house -Don’t buy invitations…make fliers, or make them yourself. -Make a list of all the people you intend to invite. I would advise you to pack the house, boys and girls. Tell your friends to invite friends! -Create a few CD’s to blast during the party. Grab some tunes you like, some others like, and mutual tunes. -TURN IT UP LOUD! -Play truth or dare, spin the bottle, watch a creepy movie, dance, talk, mingle, laugh, whatever. If you have a lot of people, it will be more fun.

Hope I helped at least a little.

Answer #2

Its all about the invites Make sure there are more girls that guys. like a 6:4 ratio invite the party animals.. even though they could be annoying, but they keep the party going> Invite some “ slutty” poeple too. it keeps things interesting

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