can my parents look up the name of the number of who has called me on my cellphone online bill?

Answer #1

yes they can all they have to do is check your recent activity an see who you have called an who has called you!

Answer #2

The account is under your parents name, they can and they have the right to look at you calls made and recievied on their statement or online. They are paying the bill and it is under their name. While the persons name doesnt show up, just their numbers, its extremely easy to find out whos number it is. If your not supposed to be calling someone then doing so on your cell isnt the brightest idea since they can see every call, date, time, and how long you talked.

Answer #3

They can also look up text messages. (just the number and time)

Answer #4

so they cant read em?

Answer #5

yeupp they cannn

Answer #6

noo they cant read them

Answer #7

yes!! thanks god

Answer #8

haha lol:)

Answer #9

The only thing the can look up is dates time and lengths the cant read anything the only people who have acces to the type of thing are law enforcment agencies but they have to have court order or a good reason.

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