How can i tell my parents how miserable i feel and how i feel like theycouldnt care lessabout me?

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You should tell them exactly how you feel and see what their reaction is. After all they are your parents.

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Honestly you have to be truthful with them an yourself if you wanna solve that!...Just sit them down an talk to them about your feelings...if they love you an support you then you'll understand how you feel!:)


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if u cant find a way to tell your parents, ask a good friend to talk to ur parents for you. thats what i did.

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Your parents love you! trust me sometimes i feel exactly the same way but they love you and sometimes they may seem distant. one day you will understand the sacrifices they make for you and exactly how much they love you

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Thankyou for the advice I'll try to talk to them :) thank you xx

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I think you should be honest, but I also think you should be careful with how you word things. If you talk to your parents (or anyone, for that matter) and say things that put blame on them, the conversation will most likely only lead to an argument. So don't do that.

Instead of saying something like "I feel like you couldn't care less about me", be more specific. As an example, say something like.. "Last weekend when we were talking I got a little hurt. The issue with ________ was really important to me, but I didn't feel as if what I wanted to say was heard. Can we talk about it now?" Or something. You have to stick with "I" sentences instead of "you". (I think, I feel, I want, I know) This way it's about what you feel, and it's not blaming anyone.

Good luck.

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What's the problem? What are they doing?

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