Can parents/guardians legally open a minor's mail without their consent?

Answer #1

No opening it without a court order is illegal. Same with reading emails or going through their stuff. For going through their stuff you’d need a search warrant which they don’t just hand out btw. You either need a cop or a lawyer.

Answer #2

I’m guardian for sister & mom, and I do open their mail, as they can’t think clear (dementia)

Answer #3

I they are allowed to, because most of the time it comes to their name as well.

Answer #4

Yes, legally as a minor your parents can open your mail, search your room, read your emails, etc. Until you are 18 years old (or emancipated) your parents have legal custody over you, therefore they can open your mail.

Answer #5

no they cant. Thats personal stuff and no one is allowed to look at it.

Answer #6

Mandyloo is right here…until you’re legally your own adult…sorry…you have no rights regarding this.

Answer #7

Who’s the boss in the home, the grown-up parents or the still growing their brains know it all kids?

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