How do I get my parents to be ok with me to date a black guy?

Answer #1

I would show them that he is a nice guy and he is good for you.

Answer #2

Ok thanx i’ll try

Answer #3

if he really is nice your parents will be ok. but in my opinion they shouldnt have a say in who you date. i think your judgement should see some guys arent good and others are amazing. good luck!

Answer #4

well ……ummm……..DONT!!

Answer #5

Your parents should be okay with it. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t judge by race or color but by personality and wholeness as a human being. But our world that we live in is not like that (tear lol). If you have a serious talk with them about this guy and let them see how much you think of him, they might come around to the idea. Alternatively you could let them meet him as a friend of yours first so they can get to know him before you tell them that you are dating him.

Answer #6

if u truly lov him then u your self can only do it trust me youl figir it out. good luck

Answer #7

colour doesnt matter, so why would they care?

Answer #8

i was jk go for it color dosent matter

Answer #9

is ur parents racist? then they woodnt car but if he is like a thug gangsta then ya they wood care

Answer #10

anyone could be a ‘thug gangsta’ they dont necassarily have to be black. Thats just a stereotype.

Answer #11

yea.. mainly anyone cood b. i mean mainly around in my town alot of black guys r gangsters i have never seen a white one b4

Answer #12

well, maybe because we live in 2 completely different places. Being gangster doesnt mean they listen to rap music, wear baggy clothes and are black. As i said thats just a stereotype a thug is a thug, black or white it really doesn’t matter. In my town there are more black guys then white and most of them are just normal, not a ‘thug gangsta’ Its like saying only black people commit crimes, and you know thats not true…

Answer #13

i have struggled with the same thing. My family always figured if i was with a black guy he would beat me or be i would end up living on welfare. I dated a couple and they didn’t like it. Now i am with a wonderful man who takes care of me and gets along with my family very well. I would just give your family time to get to know them. It might not be your parents that don’t want you to be with him. They could be saying becuase of society. People stare at me and my boyfriend all the time. We have argued with a lot of family to be together but luckily it worked out in the long run. Don’t give up. If he’s the one you love and your parents see that you are genuinely happy then they will probbly feel better about it. Good luck!

Answer #14

ur parents are probaly consernd thats all, if they luv u thel listen to wat u got to say, so try talk to them from ur heart and tell them how u feel. but on the other hand who gives a damn about colour realy. if they dont listen then ull have to fight bak they cant deside who u luv its ur desion not theres i mean ….. seriously well good luck wait a min did u ever try and tlk to them? i guess i talk alot

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