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Can my parents take away college scholarships?

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I am starting my senior year in high school. My parents became Baptist Christians 2 years ago and have become very strict. I have not accepted their religion and this leads to constant conflict, especially with my father.

My father has made it very clear that I will attend the college of his choice - one of the most religiously strict colleges in the US. His logic is that since he pays for college, he gets to choose where I will go.

I have a nearly perfect GPA and expect to do well on the SAT. I am currently ranked 9 in a class of 335. It is possible I will be awarded one or more college scholarships - sufficient enough so that with government loans I can pay for college on my own.

My father has anticipated this and has informed me that any college scholarships that I earn that cannot be applied to the college he wants me to attend will be thrown away...IE he will take the paperwork and trash it.

Can my father actually do this? He says he can until I am 18 and I do not turn 18 until next summer.