Parents are acting weird

my parents want get me the slipknot cd and I luv that band to death my parents say its evil bla bla bla nw all of a sudden their buying me slipknot bags t-shirts and cds have they been BRAIN WASHED

Answer #1

Well, if they’re not making a big deal about it anymore, isn’t that good?! I think it’s ridiculous how parents overreact when it comes to things like this.

Answer #2

They probley talked to their friends and realized that a lot of kids listen to that band. I knwo when I was a teenager - my mother would do research on bands or talk to her friends before she would let me buy the Cd or go to concerts.

Answer #3

maybe the listened to the cd while you were at school an they just discovered that they love that band now an b/c they didn’t get the chance to wear slipknot clothing an advertise that band while they were young they all of a sudden wanna have you do it for them…They live through u…O.o

Answer #4

Well, first off that’s so damn stupid! I LOVE Slipknot and own that cd lol My dad may not approve, but he won’t tell me what I can and can’t listen to. My mom lets me listen/wear whatever too. And they’re all of a sudden giving into you? Well good! It’s about time they realize it’s not so bad.

Answer #5

your parents love you, and even though they disagree, they want to make you happy. if you’re concerned about this behavior, then stop asking them to get you things they don’t want to get you.

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