How do pant sizes work?

I measured my waist, and it was like 40inches….but I don’t wear size 40!!! So, after you take the size of your waist, how to you get the correct size pants your wear from that?

Answer #1

i thot it was like a waist size, then a length.

Answer #2

are you sure its 40in? that would mean you were a size xlarge or xxlarge.

Answer #3

That’s what the tape measurer said… =/

Answer #4

What size clothes do you wear?

Answer #5

It depends where you’re measuring too, pant sizes work funny.

Answer #6

Size 13 pants in juniors. I want to know how to figure it though…

Answer #7

Are you measuring your waist of your hips?

Answer #8

I measured where my pants fit around.

Answer #9

Your waist is the smallest part of your torso. I looked up a size conversion chart for pants, your most likely measuring your hips rather then your waist cause with hips of a size 40 you’d wear size 12 or 13 in pants.

Answer #10

Heres the site

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