Are Panasonic Lumix cameras good?

Answer #1

nope, nikon cool pix is the best.

Answer #2

I had one. It was excellent.

Answer #3

It all depends on what you are wanting to photograph. If you tell us about what you are going to use it for (eg: general camera, still life photography, fast motion photography, close ups, long distance, etc) then we could tell you more, and possibly recommend a camera in your price range.

Answer #4

The last camera I bought was the OLYMPUS Stylus and I love it. For one it is water proof, this is great when you are on the beach lake or river, cause there are no worries of getting it wet. Two, It takes great pictures, I can tell you I know nothing about cameras but I always seem to take nice high res pics with no trouble. Three, it doubles as a video camera, I can record nice vids on it with no trouble, and if you memory card is large enough you can get a lot of video.

Answer #5

Good choice, also Sony…

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