Paintball gun ball gets stuck

I have a spyder m1 not sure if that matters but sometimes when I shoot it the ball will get stuck right after going through the elbow and going into the chamber. Is that because I dont have a auto hopper or what?

Answer #1

Well I’m a girl and the only paintball guns I have is tipmans or something called scorpians! ok I thinks it’s the balls, like you can’t have soft ones!! if you do, freeze them because then they will get hard and when you shoot them at people it will hurt!! LOL!! you can’t leave the balls in hot weather or in a back of you pickup truck! LOL!! srry My dad put some in the back of his truck and they like got really soft and couldn’t use them!! LOL!! K WELL anyway if that’s not it then it’s the neck of your gun! Like it’s too small and you need gifferent balls! let’s see…Well if it get’s stuck again you can use a scwigee thingy (I’m not sure if spelled scwigee right or not LOL!) and use that to get in unclogged!!

               :) Bubblicous97 :)
Answer #2

na, an auto feeder would have nothing to do with that. umm, try a bigger elbow and do you have the right berral for it. I’ve never really heard of that problem before

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