Operation troubles what to do>?

I had my apendix taken out yesterday after being in hospital since tuesday and now I dont no what to do is it normal to had s tight stomach when ever I try and breath? Please help

Answer #1

Yes dear, your stomach (abdomen) area will be tender when breathing. Try using a pillow to brace your abdomen when you cough or have to breathe deep, rising from a chair, anything that requires using your stomach muscles. And don’t be shy when asking your nurses for pain meds for the first couple of days. Studies have shown that people who have their pain controlled heal more quickly than those who don’t. And above all, don’t lay in bed and “coddle” the pain. Not only will you take longer to heal, immobility can lead to pneumonia. Get up and walk (as soon as the Dr/nurses say you can) , move from bed to chair as often as possible. Good luck! You should be feeling better soon! (•:

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