How painful is a tattoo making process?

Compared to what kind of pain? toothache? What to make one but still nervous…

Answer #1

a tatoo would surely hurt but don’t be too nervous and don’t think about it much.

Answer #2

I have a small one on my wrist, and it didn’t hurt to much. I’m not saying tattoos don’t hurt, but small ones are just kind of irritating. Don’t think about a needle with ink on it going in and out of your skin.. haha… it’s not a pleasant thing to think. Think “Ok I can do this it’ll be over. I just need to go through it”

Answer #3

Compared to a toothache? I’d rather have the tattoo - and I have 8 of them

Answer #4

What I am worried about is that when I get shocked and make a sudden move… i am going to ruin the dragon pic… oh My.. i do not want to have a dragon without a tail LOL. Thank you.

Answer #5

Well, then i do not think I shall be scared anymore. No PAIN no tattoo, right?

Answer #6

Wow this question was meant for me :) I’m a tattoo artist! The first rule of getting a tattoo is “es, it hurts” it does not matter where you get it on your body, it will hurt.If your like me and have a high pain tolerance it will feel more like someone drawing on you with a pen, but applying a lot of pressure. If you dont have a high pain tolerance, well, good luck hun. Just do you’re best to stay still, because remember, the artist has the right to stop the tattoo at anytime and ask you to leave if you’re being difficult.

Answer #7

its depends on how well you can handle pain

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