Answer #1

Yes!! I have a friend who has been doing it for about 3 months. She’s in her early 40’s and her body changed from looking her age, to now looking in her late 20’s. Everything redistributed, her butt lifted, so did her boobs…she looks GREAT! I’m hearing tho, that it takes a certain amount of determination to get thru the whole series. Good luck, hope you make it!

Answer #2

what people done realize is that a weight issue is not just due to eating but also goes down below the surface to what is causing the person to get to that weight! You can work out til you are blue in the face but always gain it back unless you make a whole lifestyle change forever!

if you are going to spend 5 weeks doing any program, p90x, zumba, all those other fast paced aerobics…but you still eat your fav ice cream & still chug on beer & still order those huge delicious baby back ribs with french fries…and snack on chocolate bars & potato chips then hey…dont even bother!

A weight issue means no more of that everyday life system…once in a blue moon when you crave it you can have a bite or a piece of that delicious cake but make sure it is fat free or sugarless and made of stuff you have never even heard of like healthier products. You see people we dont understand that any white sugar, white rice, white flour white noodles or anything else I may have left out breaks up in your body to sugars…so if god forbid you have a sugar condition but make cakes using white flour you are still turning that into sugars & still poisoning your body regardless! So…the only way to keep your body from all the stuff is to eliminate it altogether! sugar free soft drinks, are still bad for you…I dont care what the dietitian tells ya…your heart doctor is going to tell ya otherwise! Making the sacrifice to change your lifestyle means just that…you have got to stick by it & remember that the only way to keep it off you is by continuing that regime also after wards not going to the nearest boulder creek restaurant and ordering all you can eat because now you feel that you look amazing so hey I am just going to have this 1 time…that is all it takes…it’s an addiction…like it or not…deal with it & move to living a healthier lifestyle!

Hope this helped!

Answer #3

i agree with this. P90X works also Insanity works too. right now i am over a month into insanity, its great. haha. i have been changing my diet over the last 4 weeks its not easy but hell its better for me.

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