Why do i owe ebay £9.80 for nothing?

Answer #1

I owe ebay £10 as a latest invoice amount, and i don’t understand why.

Answer #2

That would be something you need to contact ebay about - we arent ebay and can not tell you why you owe them money..

Answer #3

can i see the invoice? obviously edit your personal data then attatch the screen shot. fa limits the size so if you want, zip it up and send it via funmail cus i might not be able to see what i need to.

Answer #4

Ask them. We have no information to go on, we can’t help you. If they are charging you, they should be able to tell you why. I can’t say if this is the reason you are being charged or not, but whenever you post things for sale, they charge you. That’s why I don’t use Ebay, I use Craigslist.

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