Am I overweight at 5'2 weighing 105 pounds?

I’m 5’2 and Weigh 105. My B.M.I sais Im Overweight. What doe that mean?

Answer #1

um no your not overweight im sad enough to have double checked your bmi your normal your actually 0.3 point thingies more than being anorexic 18.5 is anorexic your 18.8

Answer #2

What does being overweight mean? It means who have more “weight” than you should. Maybe this weight is fat, maybe it is muscle. You are probably only very slightly overweight so I wouldn’t worry about it. Just eat healthy and exercise. Don’t pay too much attention to numbers like weight and BMI. If you look and feel healthy and are living a healthy lifestyle it doesn’t matter if you are a few pounds overweight. Muscle weighs more than fat so you might be very slender but muscular. Peace :)

Answer #3

You’re perfect! BMI’s don’t take bone density into consideration or muscle mass.

Answer #4

your the perfect weight for your body type so you have nothing to worry about.

Answer #5

you’re not overweight.

Your BMI is 19.2, which is in the ideal range.

A BMI over 25 is classed as overweight.

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