Over populate animals?!

At this moment im watching something about dogs and cats, not taking care of, abused, and over population. Well my house at one time had about 16 cats. All except 6 kittens were inside outside. They went in and out when they pleased. But none of thoughes six kittens made it. So you think it could be because of over population??? My house is medium normal, yard normal, street is safe, some cats around that arent ours, not mean cats, but the mother would pick on kitten about every two days end stop feeding it and I would find one dead in my room. If you dont think its because of over populated house then what could it be?

Answer #1

I don’t think it had anything with over population. However with having indoor outdoor cats they can bring Feline Infectious Disease’s into the house, they are very contangious, Felv, Fiv, URI. Upper respitory infections, It is proven that an outside cat has a shorter life then indoor cats. Vaccines are needed at a 6 to 8 weeks old to prevent the spread of disese, with cats being hunters the will get intestinal parisites also and ear mites. so I don’t think it had to do with the number of cats as much as it has to do with cats going in and out and if they are not vaccinated for Felv, Fiv, panluk, calici Rhino, and other virus that feline’s carry. Hope this helped.

Answer #2

another possibility- how many TOM CATS were in that population. males of a lot of species will kill babies if they are not theirs, which will bring the mother back into heat so that tom cat can breed with her.

Answer #3

It’s possible the mother cat was just a bad mother - it happens to animals just as it does humans. The mother cat sometimes just doesn’t do a good job of taking care of the babies. That’s when we have to step in to feed them and help them release waste or they die.

I can’t imagine the over-population would be the problem as long as their environment is clean (including the litter box), and they are well-fed.

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