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ok I’ve tried to use these a few times but every time I do nothig ever happens…someone told me you have to be call but thet would not explain this anymore..does anyone here even know if im doin the right thing by putting a token on it and asking it if anyone is there? Any advice at all is welcome Thanks!!

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Many people think just becaues it dosen’t move on its own it fake. the spirits move the couser through you. I only use Qui as a last resort to answer questions and guidence. It does open a door for spirits and if something comes throgh that you dont want it could be bad. try clearing you mind placing the courser in an open place of the board. keep your hand on the courser at all time. ask the question out loud, that hepls you focues. “are there any spirits to help me here” consintrate only on the question let your fingers sit lightly in the courser relax and soon you should feel your hand seemingly move as if its beeing pulled. Maybe close your eyes untill you feel it stop. ues the same method with your question. remember to keep your hands in the courser. take precousions to protect aginst evil spriits and always thank and say goodby to the spirits. Ps its also a good idea to ask of a refernce symbol or name of teh spirit so you can call upon them later.

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I agree totally with Amblessed…

The supernatural does not affect everyone, but, it is hell, for the ones that it does. There is a real power out there, and it can be tapped into. Once you do, it is very hard to get out. Jesus is the only one that can rescue you, once you are sold out to it.

and the it, of course, is Satan. He is in all deception. He has one thing in mind, how to bring down humans… because they are created in Gods image, and he loves them.

He will use any thing possible to gain our allegiance.

Some never make it back out, once they get involved in the occult.

It will take you down a path, that is longer, steeper,and slippier, than you ever imagined.

Your soul is very important, and what you allow into it, matter a great deal.

For those of you who have no “experience” with this, be glad.

You have been spared from what could be a very long ordeal.

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it does work for me, I have been able to use it alone at times, hardly touching it, barley even making skin contact. You have to stay calm, relaxed, & focus on your question.

I wanrn you thoughm if you don’t know what you’re doing don’t do it. Although 1 in every 12 contacts may be threatnig, you still don’t want to take the risk. The paranormal is not a toy & is not something to dabble in.

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* “isn’t just as frighening if theres some Omnipoten being watching and judging our every thought and move. “

I can see where people who believed that might be afraid as well.

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*How frightening it must be to think that the world is filled with unseen spirits controlling us and everything around us.

isn’t just as frighening if theres some Omnipoten being watching and judging our every thought and move. Sorry your right this is a fun “discussion”

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* “its only frightnong to those who have something to hide form themselfs”

I have no problem agreeing to disagree, even though the innuendos are fun. But let’s at least keep the record straight.

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well only 1 of us said anything about being frightening. look we can send these little sly remarks or we can agree to disagree

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…my guess would be the one holding irrational fears.

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How frightening it must be to think that the world is filled with unseen spirits controlling us and everything around us.

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A ouiji board is as efficacious as prayer. In both cases, you basically talk to yourself, and then you act on that discussion, and attribute the results to an unknown exterior force/entity no matter what they are.

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jimahl im with you on that but nothing can explain what happened. I don’t believe in the supernatural either, but I know we didn’t move it. Our fingers were hovering over it, I made dam sure of that when it started to move. and then I didn’t know what to think, try it out sometime.

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I’ve had a oujia board moving so fast and each of my friends took there hands off so it was just mine on so I knew I wasn’t moving it, and it was telling things that were happening and what we were thinking, there no joke, but I’ve also had it just sit there and do nothing so I guess it depends

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Wow amblessed, you are afraid of a silly board game?

Please people, there is no such thing as the supernatural. To moves because you move it. You want to believe so much, you mind just complies with what you want to see.

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I wouldn’t mess around with “oujia boards. Nothing good can come from it . and it just may open unwanted doors. As the saying goes “careful what you wish for” Please just throw it out and forget about it.

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I havn’t used one in years but I remember the las time I did. It was me and a one of my buddies. And I remember specifically that our fingers were just barely hovering over the token and it was moving. I leaned my head at an angle so I was sure my friend wasn’t pushing it, I didn’t know what the hell to think after that. im 100% positive we weren’t moving it, so thats a little wierd

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I believe it’s dangerous - you’re opening a portal/door to a very negative influence into your life - I’d leave it alone…Take care !!

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interesting you should say that. the question who is Delusional

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I suppose that’s true. You might be interested in the corollary of that expression:

Delusion is hell.

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ignoeance is bliss

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its only frightnong to those who have something to hide form themselfs

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Why would they sell it as a child’s game in the toys/board game section?lol

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it is a game by parker brothers. nothing else.

amblessed, nothing bad will happen if you play just as nothing bad will happen if you play candyland. the gingerbread man will not take over your mind.

can you develop an answer that does not try to prey on the fears of others? it does wear thin.

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use an online ouiji board.


its in the bottom right corner of the page.

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…no, it’s only frightening to those who believe it. Obviously, people who don’t believe in such things do not live in fear of them.

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I agree with Amblessed.:)

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Ok well nothing happens because no one is pushing the token/pointer… What did you expect? A ghost to be pushing it?

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