Do Ouija Boards work?

Do an ouija board really work?

Answer #1

yes it does work, many people I know have done it, one of my friends brothers died from using one. it drove him mad. its not a little game. sometimes it can seem harmless but its not. using them will let evil demons in to your life.. something you dont want to do

Answer #2

ouija boards can be very bad news, if you are not capable of banishing what you invoke, don’t do it. I don’t go near them- wickeddd has a valid point- it may seem harmless but its not. sometimes you can contact beneficial entities, but more often than not- the spirits that want to talk to us- have a hidden agenda. for further research you should check out ED AND LORRAINE WARREN, or look up the book THE DEMONOLOGIST. there are a lot of stories in there.

Answer #3

I guess if you believe in this stuff, right? I’ve used them but I’m still a skeptic.

Answer #4

Some say it does, but personally, I think it’s all a mind thing.

Answer #5

so can you like talk to good ghosts with one?

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